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Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

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Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

There are 29 small fluffy dog breeds that weigh under 30 pounds. All of which are very cute indeed. The cutest small fluffy dog breed in the world is called the Pomeranian.

Today we are going to take a look at the cutest small fluffy dog breeds in the world. If you want to see all 29 small fluffy dog breeds you can head on over to

Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

Cutest Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

Let's work through the small fluffy dog breeds shown in the picture above, from left to right. I will tell you a little more about each small dog breed to help you know if that is the right small dog breed for you.

Pomeranian small fluffy dog breedThis super cute little fluffy dog is called the Pomeranian, here are a few facts about this breed that you really should know if you intend to get yourself one.

First of all, the Pomeranian small fluffy dog breeds are very high shedding. If you suffer from dog allergies of any kind, this breed is not for you.

The Pomeranian is really lively too, so if you are after a quiet little dog, stay away from this breed. You should not choose this breed on looks alone. This breed is know to bark a lot, if you have sensitive neighbours, this could well be a problem for you.

The Pomeranian has medium exercise demands, it will be happy and content with a few good walks each day. Remember, all dogs require exercise everyday.

This small dog breed is known to be good around children, and will be relatively easy to house train for you. It's excessive barking makes it a pretty good little watchdog too.

Also, if you have other pets in the house, great news again, the Pomeranian will be well behaved around other dogs and even happy to be around cats if well socialised.

This is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world and will remain cute and small even when a fully grown adult. The Pomeranian will live to be around 15 years old.

These small fluffy dog breeds are called Pekingese, and as you can see are super cute just like the Pomeranian.

This is another very high shedding small dog breed and will not be suited to people that suffer bad from dog allergies.

Small dogs with fluffy coats like this make them prone to getting too hot, if you live in a rather hot country this breed might not be the best idea to get.

Also, their short squashed face makes breathing rather difficult for them, even though it does make them look very cute indeed. This small dog breed has very short legs and has minimal exercise demands, one good walk each day will be enough for them.

This small dog breed is not the easiest to house train, although the Pekingese do get along well with children and other animals that you might have at home.

If you have very young children you need to teach them how to behave around such a small dog breed. A small dog like this could easily get injured during boisterous play.

This breed is not particularly good around strangers, if you have a lot of visitors to your home you might be best off getting another small fluffy dog breed that is better around people.

These super cute small fluffy dog breeds are refered to as the Papillon, their big fluffy ears make them very cute and popular in the cutest dog in the world stakes.

Let's find out a little more about this small fluffy dog breed. This breed is a medium shedder, they do not shed as much fur as the Pomeranian or the Pekingese do.

Just like the Pomeranian it is another rather lively small dog breed, like the Pekingese they are a little wary around strangers and unknown visitors to your home.

The Papillon has medium exercise demands and will be happy with two good walks each and every day combined with a good play session at home.

If you are looking for a very clever small fluffy dog breed that is easy to train and to teach tricks to, then this is most definitely the breed for you.

The Papillon is great around children and other pets that you might have. At full weight the Papillon will weight between 9 and 10 pounds, it will certainly remain cute and small even when fully grown.

This small dog breed will live to around 14 years of age and are known to bark excessively, making them pretty good little watchdogs.

Cutest Little Fluffy Dog

By far the cutest small dog breeds are the Pomeranian, Pekingese and Papillon. The main factor that could put some people off these small dog breeds is that they are high shedders.

It's good to know that you can actually get a small fluffy dog breed that does not shed any fur at all. You can view all small fluffy dog breeds over at and all the pictures and videos of small dog breeds that you could ever need.