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White Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

10 Small White Fluffy Dog Breeds

Below we have a list of 10 small white fluffy dog breeds, each of these cute little dogs will be certain to suit someone, all have very different characteristics.

White small fluffy dog breeds

These are just white fluffy dog breeds, to see a complete small fluffy dog breeds list just click here. This will take you to a site that has a complete profile on each fluffy dog including all the white ones here.

Small White Fluffy Dog Breeds List

West Highland White Terrier


Mittel German Spitz


Japanese Spitz

Coton De Tulear

Chinese Crested Powderpuff


Bichon Frise

American Eskimo Dog

More About These Little White Fluffy Dogs

So now you have found small white fluffy dog breeds that you like the look of, but now you need to know if this dog is actually a good fit for you and your family.

Let's walk down the small fluffy dog breeds list and take a more detailed look at each individual breed to help you decide on the right one for you. You should not select a dog on looks alone.

Okay, lets get started:

West Highland White Terrier: These small fluffy dog breeds have very high exercise demands, you are going to need lots of time in your day for walkies if you choose this breed. The good news about this little white dog is that it is low shedding.

Volpino: These lovely little and rather very fluffy white dogs are very high shedding indeed, if you want a low shedding breed then these are not for you. Their coat needs plenty of daily grooming to stop mats from forming.

Mittel German Spitz: These small fluffy dog breeds can actually come in any colour, they do look so cute in white. This is another incredibly high shedding white fluffy dog breed, on the plus side they are very easy to house train.

Maltese: This is a lovely and very sweet natured little fluffy dog breed that is low shedding, however, these too are rather difficult to house train. This breed are good with children and other pets though.

Japanese Spitz: This is a rather lively white small fluffy little dog breeds that need plenty of exercise or there will be trouble. Being incredibly fluffy this breed do shed rather a lot of fur and need lots of daily grooming.

Coton De Tulear: is a peoples dog, and on that note, does not do very well left alone for long periods at home. However, this breed have minimal exercise demands and are therefore great for older people that are at home all day.

Chinese Crested Powderpuff: Is the only Chinese white fluffy dog breed available, even though their fur is incredibly fluffy they are actually low shedding. This breed has very low exercise demands and is great with kids and other animals too.

Bolognese: This small fluffy dog breeds look so cute as puppies, even when fully grown they stay really small too weighing just 9 pounds at their maximum weight. This is another breed perfect for house bound older people that are looking for some companionship.

Bichon Frise: is a low shedding white fluffy dog breed, however their coat requires daily care to stay in tip top shape. This breed is not the easiest to house train, however they are good around kids and other pets.

American Eskimo Dog: These small white fluffy dog breeds are not for lazy people, this breed needs a lot of daily exercise to stay happy and content. This is another high shedding breed, they do make decent little watch dogs though.

More Information

If you need to know more about any of these small fluffy dog breeds just take a look around the rest of this site. There is more small white fluffy dog breeds featured in the video below.